Woodland Outfit & Some News

November 14, 2013

hat: Reny's//jacket: vintage LL Bean borrowed from my Mum//flannel shirt: vintage thrifted//jeans: F21//socks: Field & Stream//boots: LL Bean Hunting Boot

Oh, hello!  I know there's a blogging rule about not disappearing for months on end and then returning full of apologies and excuses, and for good reason: it's annoying.  However, I'm doing it anyway.  I've been absent because...I'm pregnant!  I'm about 5 months along (around 18/19 weeks).  The first few months were pretty rough (morning sickness, fatigue, migraines), but I'm feeling much better now and looking forward to blogging again.  So with that...

This outfit is absolutely my fall uniform.  It's composed of 4 fall essentials:
► Slouchy hat, (I've posted about the importance of blaze orange before).
► Flannel shirt, preferably vintage, well-worn, and soft as can be.
► Wool socks
► Warm, sturdy boot, preferably from LL Bean and also well-worn.

After I took these pictures, I tromped my way through the woods back to the house, ate some piping hot Spagettios and fell asleep for an hour.  Naps and eating deliciously hot food are also on my list of fall essentials.

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