How to Dress like a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor

June 4, 2013

sweatshirt: thrifted DIY, cutoffs: thrifted DIY, moccasins: thrifted Minnetonka 

For those who aren't familiar with Friday the 13th movie franchise, Camp Crystal Lake is the summer camp where Jason Voorhees drowns and returns from the dead, basically it's his origin.  I've wanted a Camp Crystal Lake shirt for a while, but all the ones I found online I just didn't dig, so I made my own.  

I love the first two movies of the franchise (1980 & 1981), they're so different from the later movies.  Well, to be fair, I love the third one because of how ridiculous it is and mainly for the awesome theme music.  Based on some of the outfits from the movies, I paired my counselor shirt with some high-waisted denim cutoffs and moccasins (the beading reminds me of a summer camp craft).  

And off course, I couldn't resist doing a couple of shots with a rusty old knife; I was going to try to do a few "running scared through the woods" shots, but it was so effing hot and humid.  I couldn't even muster a facial expression of terror, so the knife was the extent of my effort.

You can see some of the outfit inspiration from the films that I pinned here.

Who do you think is a stylish horror movie victim, villain, or heroine?

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