Thrift Store Finds: Vintage Goodies

April 4, 2013

vintage mugs

vintage thrift finds

vintage olympus camera

vintage chewslanding t-shirt

vintage avon autumn aster perfume
While it would've been awesome find all these vintage things in one thrift haul, these all were found on separate trips. That Olympus film camera was a true gem of a find!  It not only came with its own bag, but the original manual AND a telephoto lens, all for, uh, $5!  Boom. Done.  I'll never thrift anything that magnificent again.  Although I shouldn't speak too soon, I haven't developed the film I used in it yet.  And while we're being honest, I've never visited Chewslanding, and I probably never will, but I will eternally love a perfectly worn vintage t-shirt.

I haven't investigated yet to see what glassware company manufactured these cheery little mugs.  I'm not a collector of glassware, so I don't really care who made these mugs, all I know is they're cute.  But, if you happen to know who manufactured these, leave me a comment.

The box is actually for the perfume bottle from this post.  It's the Avon Autumn Aster perfume from the late 70s, early 80s.  Packaging seems so dull today in comparison to the crazy colors and patterns of the 70s, don't you think?  And lastly, the heart locket bears no markings, so I'm not actually sure if it is vintage, but it does have that loved, worn look to it.

Have you thrifted anything amazing lately?