Outfit for Spring When It Still Feels Like Winter

April 5, 2013

hat: thrifted, jacket: kids' Gap (thrifted), denim shirt: Kohl's, t-shirt: Everlane, jeans: F21, boots: Aldo, necklace: sweet and lovely

First off, is this not the cutest little locket you've ever seen??  When I saw the inside...I mean, honestly; I had to immediately order it from Kate's (of Scathingly Brilliant) shop.

Second off, this dog!  He's forever in the background of, oh, I'd say three quarters of the outfit photos I take.  But he's pretty cute too, so I can't really complain.

Third off, I wish I was showing you an outfit composed of a cheerful pink gingham skirt (with bare legs!) and a short sleeve top rather than a tripled layered combo with both hat and boots, but whatareyougonnado?

Finally, I'm so happy to have been selected one of the March winners by Thrift Store Runway for my recently thrifted outfit!  It's such a cool website and I've found lots of like-minded bloggers to follow, too.

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