5 Spring 2013 Runway Trends To Find at the Thrift Store

April 17, 2013

From the various fashion websites that forecast and report the trends, I've found 5 trends that I believe can be found at the thrift store.

1. Black & White Contrast. This trend could be sought after a few ways.  Think pattern: big bold stripes, checkerboard, or a more abstract print. Another option would be to look for items with contrasting details like a white blazer with a black lapel, or a black skirt with a thick white trim.  Lastly, you could always find two really sharp tailored pieces, one in black, the other in white, that complement each other.

2.  Sheer clothing.  Sheer has been done before, so there should be no shortage at the thrift store.  The spring/summer 2013 runway split sheers into two color stories: soft, light, & ladylike sheers, and then dark, witchy, & black.  When I say sheer, I don't necessarily mean full-on see through clothing, but more accents like sheer sleeves, inserts, and panels.  I think blouses and dresses lend themselves to this trend best, but lightweight open-knit or very thin sweaters could be included in this trend too.

3.  Bright & Monochromatic.  This really couldn't be a simpler trend to find while thrifting.  The trick here is to find a bright color that you love AND that is flattering (it's reported that cobalt blue and hot pink were big on the runway in head to toe looks).  Maybe you already own a pair of red skinny jeans, wear them when you head to the thrift store and see what red blouses, sweaters, or jackets look good with them.

4. Sports-Inspired.  Easy as baseball t-shirts, letterman jackets, and fluorescent greens, yellows, and oranges mixed with crisp white.  This year, though, these sporty pieces are mixed with chic basics, think baseball shirt with a clean, minimal white skirt, or a bodysuit with black trousers and a baseball cap.

5.  Metallics.  Holographic stuff was huge when I was a teen in the 90s, so my bet is there are some moms of 30-somethings who were tired of holding on to their daughters metallic clothing & accessories from the 90s and have probably donated bags of it to the thrift store.  Anyway...if you're lucky enough to find a holographic or silver leather skirt at the thrift store, I'd snap it up, but also think of metallic brocades which I've found a lot of in the form of vintage jackets and cocktail dresses.


  1. I wish I could find something hollographic in a thrift store! No luck yet, but i'll keep searching :) xx


    1. Me too! I'm hoping my recent thrift luck will continue and a beautiful holographic mini skirt will be waiting for me. ;)