Thrift Store Find: American Apparel Flower Mesh Jumper

March 12, 2013

There are 3 categories of what I consider a great thrift find: vintage in great condition, a really odd/unique/special item, or (and this is where today's find falls in) a MAJOR score on something that I've been coveting.  It's not vintage or particularly unique, it's just something I've been wanting and wanting since I saw Lana Del Rey wearing it in her original 'Blue Jeans' video: the American Apparel 3D Flower Mesh jumper.  I mean, you can buy this top on AA's website, so it's not a one-of-kind thrift find, but what makes this find so magnificent is that I spent a whole $2 on this top versus $88 at AA.

When I saw this top on the rack from afar, I thought there is no way this is what I think it is; I totally thought I'd pick it up and it would be, like, a really, really wrinkled blazer or something.  It was not.  My heart skipped.  I've been thrifting for many years, and this is the first time I've ever found the exact thing I've been wanting. 

Have you ever found something at the thrift store that you've been coveting?

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  1. Amazing find!

    xo Jennifer