An Outfit for Being a Little Bit Grunge & Little Bit Prep

March 28, 2013

hat: thrifted, blazer: Brooks Brothers (thrifted), top: thrifted, jeans: thrifted, shoes: thrifted

So, this week I challenged myself to find an entire outfit at the thrift store on a single trip, and this was the result.  I'll tell ya, it wasn't easy.  It wasn't hard to find things I liked, the hard part was trying to find things that looked good together.  If you were so inclined to do a self-imposed thrift challenge like this, I'll share what worked for me: start with the shoes.  My first attempt I had a really cute outfit, but absolutely could not find quality coordinating shoes.  As soon as I switched my method, the outfit just kind of materialized.  Have you ever done a self-imposed thrift store challenge?

Random asides:

The alternate title to this post could be 'An Outfit for Being a Preppy Mr. Smee', the Disney version of Smee to be exact.

The weather necessitated an indoor photo shoot, but I don't see a lot of daily style bloggers post indoor outfit pictures.  How do other (non-LA-dwelling) bloggers negotiate poor weather?

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